creative writer and drama teacher


I run creative writing and drama workshops and courses based on M IS FOR AUTISM and M IN THE MIDDLE.

The workshops are aimed at children and adults on the spectrum, as well as school staff, families and anyone who wants a better understanding of autism.

See the world from M’s view point and perspective:

  • Develop an understanding of autism

  • Celebrate the strengths of autism

  • Challenge stereotypes

  • See the world through M’s view point and perspective

Creative writing workshops

I devise and deliver creative writing workshops in primary and secondary schools, arts centres, theatres, community centres and festivals. I use music, poems, quotes, images, maps and props to inspire and develop ideas. I approach writing and developing ideas through discussion, drama and thought provoking writing exercises – often, writing and developing of ideas happens away from the desk.

  • Explore and identify their creativity

  • Find your voice and style

  • Develop technical and structural aspects to story telling

  • Develop ways of telling a story

  • Improve literacy skills

  • Enthuse and inspire students through stories and poetry

  • Develop confidence

  • Help students find a way into writing and stories

Previous Workshops

  • Royal Opera House

  • Discover story centre

  • End of the Road Festival

  • Various FE colleges

  • Nursing homes

“Each week Vicky takes the girls into the world of ‘M’ from ‘M’s unique perspective. The outcomes are evident, the girls have learned to make connections and links with their own individual experiences and on some level, empathise with M. Vicky captures the group contributions so brilliantly, as she navigates the world from their viewpoint, creating a their own character using their thoughts and ideas.”
“Each week Vicky enhances creativity, captures imagination and enables our girls to make wonderful contributions, despite the impact of autism and their co-occurring complex needs, bringing to life the story that reflects important issues for girls on the spectrum everywhere.”
“Vicky’s style approach and skill promotes high levels of engagement with the creative arts through writing and drama, she is inspirational!.”